Heavy Haul Services

At Taylor’s Freight LLC, we understand that transporting heavy and oversized equipment requires specialized knowledge, equipment, and experience. That’s why we offer heavy haul services to customers with complex shipping needs.

Our team of experts has years of experience in the industry, and we have the necessary equipment to handle heavy haul shipments of all sizes. We work closely with our customers to develop a customized shipping plan that meets their specific needs, ensuring that their equipment arrives at its destination safely and on time.

We understand that every heavy haul shipment is unique, and we take the time to carefully evaluate the requirements of each shipment to ensure that we have the right equipment and personnel to handle it. We also work closely with our customers to ensure that they are fully informed of the process and that all necessary permits and regulatory requirements are in place.

Our fleet of heavy haul equipment includes lowboy trailers, step deck trailers, and multi-axle trailers, capable of carrying loads of up to 250,000 pounds. We also have specialized equipment for transporting oversized loads, including extendable trailers and steering dollies.

Our team of experienced drivers is trained and certified to handle heavy haul shipments, ensuring that your equipment is in good hands throughout the shipping process. We also offer real-time tracking of all our shipments, so our customers can stay up-to-date with the progress of their shipment at all times.

At Taylor’s Freight LLC, we take pride in delivering high-quality heavy haul services to our customers. We are committed to ensuring that your equipment arrives at its destination safely and on time, with minimal disruption to your operations. Contact us today to learn more about our heavy haul services and how we can help you transport your heavy equipment with ease.

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